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Escape the real world and enter into the magical realm of unicorns with this little book of positivity. Illustrated with adorable, adorkable unicorns,..

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Перед вами лучшие фрагменты программы "НеФормат", которая на протяжении трёх с лишним лет оставалась самой популярной на радиостанции "Юмор FM", а..

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Following the bestselling Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same and Going for the Bronze,Sloane Tanen''s chickens are back, but this time they''ve only got..

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Spotting the modern hipster used to simple — a guy you wouldn’t expect to have a beard had a beard. Over recent years the line between hipster and..

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Junior Nattie McCullough has always been that under-the-radar straight girl who hangs out in the cafeteria with her gay-straight alliance friends...

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В любой компании любят весельчаков. Наша книга поможет вам стать им. В сборнике только самые смешные и новые анекдоты на разную тематику. На семейных..

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If Wes Anderson were to write a love story, he might well wind up conceiving of Horace and Agnes. There are no boundaries when it comes to true love..

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Mr Darcy *heart eyes emoji* Lizzie Bennet. But will she swipe right? Delight in Austen’s intelligent wit and piercing social commentary, distillled and..

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Художник Виктор Чижиков долгое время, с 1959 по 2002 год, работал в журнале "Вокруг света" в рубрике "Пестрый мир". Делал небольшие зарисовки в стиле..

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Hazel has just moved into a trailer park of senior citizens, with her father and Diane—his extremely lifelike sex doll—as her roommates. Life with..

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