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Jordan''s Crossing

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Света, любимая девушка, укатила в Сочи, а у них на журфаке еще не окончилась сессия. Гриша брел по Москве, направился было в Иностранную библиотеку,..

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Robinson Crusoe is a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published on 25 April 1719. Crusoe sets sail from the Queen''s Dock in Hull on a sea voyage in August..

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Tara Fraser has a secret. Desperate to escape herself and her past, she changes her name, packs up her London home and moves to a town in the North of..

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Liddy James is forty-four, fit, and fabulous. One of New York''s top divorce attorneys, a bestselling author, and a mother of two, she glides through..

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Сюжет социально-критического романа Уилки Коллинза "Муж и жена" основан на правовом парадоксе, который приводит к непредсказуемым поворотам..

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Спокойная, чуть меланхоличная манера Ясмины Михайлович напоминает оригинальный, фантазийный, тонкий стиль произведений Милорада Павича, пожалуй самого..

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It is only after her mother’s death that Luna begins to discover her secrets. While in New York to settle the estate, something impossible happens to..

1501 ₽

In the midst of a violent student uprising in South Korea, a young boy named Dong-ho is shockingly killed. The story of this tragic episode unfolds in..

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From Paulo Coelho, author of the international bestseller The Alchemist, comes a poignant, richly poetic story that reflects the depth of love and life..

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